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(The first of what I'm sure will be a series of little mini stories about these two. There may be a character info post made, we'll see. But this is kind of my latest "project" as far as fiction writing goes. Enjoy, and as always, leave me feedback)

"My legs don't seem to be working right, how about yours?" Nolan chuckled softly as he clutched Ryan's hand, leaning against his shoulder slightly.

"Nope, mine are all shaky, that was intense." Ryan leaned back against him and they stumbled and swayed a little as they came down the concrete ramp, but they held each other up. "Where next then?"

"Hmmm..." Nolan snaked a hand up to tickle the back of Ryan's neck, tugging gently on one of the messy spikes of pink hair amongst the sandy blonde before his hand was swatted away. "What's the one ride, the one with the little cars on arms, it spins around, you know, the um... um..."

"The Scrambler? I am not riding that."

"But it's fun!" Nolan persisted. "There's even a pink little car thing, you'd match."

Ryan reached his other hand around, arm crossing in front of his own body as he tugged roughly but playfully at one of the belt loops of Nolan's corduroys. "Not The Scrambler. That's such a lame ride. Only roller coasters. How about The Vortex?"

"We've already ridden that three times today," Nolan answered, side stepping out of Ryan's grip but still holding onto his hand. "You just don't want to ride the scrambler because you threw up on it that one time."

Ryan dropped his hand as they parted ways to walk around a stalled group of tourists, and didn't pick it up again on the other side. He was blushing and looking down at the sidewalk. "You remember that?"

With an eye roll Nolan grabbed Ryan's hand again. "Ry, we were six. I'm not going to hold that against you." He led them past the offending ride and headed instead for the skeletal frame of The Vortex.

"Thanks No-No." Ryan whispered into the curve of an ear that was peeking out from under sleek, black hair, eliciting a blush from the other boy as they wove their way through the park.
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