Mar. 7th, 2006 08:56 pm
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It's funny, but a discussion about nothing is probably one of the most memorable conversations I've ever heard. I mean nothing. Not nothing as in, small tidbits of boring everyday life. But nothing as in, the faith and belief that nothingness is all there is. And then the lack of that belief. Because there is nothing.

It's a strange feeling, sunburn on bare shoulders that you can feel, radiating heat, even in the cold air rushing through a car window. I shivered slightly on that drive south and pulled a brand new sweatshirt from the bag at my feet, shrugging the heavy fabric over me like a blanket. I didn't need to speak at all on that whole car ride home. Neither did the girl sitting in front of me. We had nothing to contribute to the conversation about nothing.

I let my head fall back against the seat and watched the sky through the back windshield. Next to me someone shifted and I felt his weight gently against my shoulder. With his face so close to my ear I listened intently as he spoke about nothing. The driver's voice drifted back from the front seat, far louder and more pssionate, punctuated with swearing and an occasional hand slamming against the steering wheel.

For the first time, I was sad to see a familiar skyline. I'd rather have nothing.

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you're a good writer, just so you know.


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