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When the man arrived home he was worn out and weary, and he only just had the energy to turn his key in the lock. It was a miracle, then, that he kept his balance and didn't simply crumple to the floor as he was violently tackled as the door swung open. As it was, he was left winded. His attacker may have been a slender man, but he was sure as hell strong.

Hands made their way to his throat and clawed desperately until they found a hold, and then they tore. His tie was thrown to the floor, where it became little more than a puddle of pink silk, and there was a slight echo from the clatter of buttons hitting the floor as his shirt was ripped open. "Where," the other man practically growled, as his hands ran over the recent arrival's chest, "the hell have you been?"

Was he supposed to answer that? Becuase talking was a little difficult at the moment, and his mind was suddenlyy very preoccupied. He took a brief moment, gasping for breaths, and responded as best he could. "Had to go... to... Zimbabwe..."

"What on earth is in Zimbabwe?" The voice growled again. But this time he really couldn't answer. Hungry lips had found his, and he had to focus on breathing, and then on the tongue that had forced its way into his mouth. Then, just as suddenly, his mouth was free again, and he found himself whimpering his displeasure at that turn of events.

"I didn't know where you were, I didn't know you were going anywhere." The slender man's dark eyes were a churning sea of emotions, flashing from anget, to relief, to lust, and back to anger again.

"Well, neither did I," the man explained breathily. "I didn't know I was going until about two minutes before I left."

"Well you could have called!" He snapped, and tugged the man to him again as he stumbled backwards into the flat, with no effort to hide the fact that he was heading for the bedroom.

"My mobile doesn't work, in Zimbabwe," he protested weakly.

"You could have readched me somehow!"

"I'm sorry..."

"I've been out of my mind here!"

"I'm sorry..."

"For all I knew you could have been maimed and killed, and I never would have seen you again, and-" It was his turn to be rendered silent as he was pushed against the wall next to the bedroom door, with the other man's lips pressed firmly against his.

"I'm sorry," he said as he pulled away.

The slender man sighed, his temper somewhat subdued. His passion wasn't. His eyes trailed over the bare chest of the man who had him trapped against the wall. "You're here now..."

"Yes, I am."

"And you're okay?"

"I'm okay."


"Well, someone killed a drago-"

"You can tell me later." He slid along the wall until his body fell through the open bedroom door. The other man went with him, and they dissapeared as the door was kicked shut behind them.
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